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  • Not only CACTTUS approach is the most versatile and attractive in the business, but they have quickly adapted it to fit our needs. – Kosovo Association of Concrete Producers

  • It was a worthwhile experience as we found a very knowledgeable and proactive trainer who was willing to lecture in remote facilities. – Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS)

  • We are very satisfied with the results. Without any doubts, we would recommend each company or institution to choose CACTTUS for the implementation and the development of similar software systems. – Albi

  • The project was around very quickly and they were very flexible. Their enthusiasm and creativity made working with them a very positive experience. – Kosovo Association of Concrete Producers

  • The terms of the contract have been fully respected, including the schedule of delivering the equipment; the schedule of completion of respective phases; and support after project completion. – Prishtina International Airport

  • CACTTUS was selected because of its in-depth understanding of information and computer technologies. They were extremely flexible to fit our specific training requirements for lntranet Training. – Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS)

  • CACTTUS provided us with the best people and achieved the results we had not even thought that are achievable. – Exclusive

  • The solutions [offered by CACTTUS Sh.a.] provide us with a powerful integration capability and platform that easily exposes productive information to our knowledge-workers – information that was previously locked away in our manual archiving systems. – KosovaLive