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The job fair “Girls in ICT” aims in promoting job positions that are related to the field of information technology and communication, to the girls and women focused in this field. Cacttus and Cacttus Education will also be a part of this event, aiming to encourage the participation of women in professions that deal with information technology. This fair will be held on the 28th of April 2017 at AUK (American University in Kosovo).

In the digital age, among the most sought out professions are those of the field of IT. Therefore Cacttus Education, bearing in mind the market need and the need for professionals in the field of IT, offers vocational two year studies in these majors: “System and Network Administration” and “Web and Mobile Application Development”.

Cacttus Education is also an implementer of the 3rd phase of the WOW (Women in Online Work) project for the girls of Prishtina and Gjilan municipalities. This program aims in encouraging the participation of girls and women in professions belonging to the field of technology by training them to work and earn online in Front-End and Graphic Design.

Cacttus Education also offers specific training and certifications among the most recognized in the field of IT, such as: Microsoft, Cisco, Android, Linux, Lotus, Nokia, Nortel etc. Also Cacttus Education also has the CacttuKids program, dedicated to kids between the ages of 8-15, which aims in preparing the kids to be successful in the digital era.

The trust that Cacttus had in the potential of girls and women in the field of technology is demonstrated also through the employment of girls and women in various positions in the field of IT. Therefore, if you want to learn more about the company Cacttus, or you want to advance in the field of Information technology, we invite you to visit Cacttus and  Cacttus Education during the employment fair Girls in ICT.