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Cacttus Sh.a , on January 1st, 2017, was awarded for provision of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) services at Geant.

Cacttus, as a Microsoft Reseller will provide IaaS supervision for Microsoft Azure products and services.
GEANT (the GÉANT Project) is a collaboration between 40 European Research and Education Networks (NRENs) and joint European organisations. An NREN is a specialised Internet service provider, dedicated to supporting research and education needs within its country. The Research and Education community within each country relies on its NREN to advise and guide in adopting IT and to provide the right solutions. NRENs participating in the GÉANT Project collectively support the Research and Education community in Europe (10 000 Institutions and more than 50 million users) providing for its use:
• A high-speed network.
• An identity management, single sign-on ecosystem.
• Communication and collaboration services.

The GÉANT Project has an objective to leverage network connectivity, identity management and other established services to help accelerate the adoption of cloud services and remove barriers for the NRENs and their Institutions.

Cacttus Sh.a. delivers Microsoft Azure cloud services that include:
• Compute (VMs, cloud services, etc)
• Data & Storage (SQL server, document database, storage, cache etc)
• Management & Security (MS Azure Portal, Schedular, automation, key vault)
• Web & mobile (app services)
• Hybrid Integration (site recovery)
• Identity & Access management (Azure Active Directory, AD domain services, multi‐factor auth)
• Networking (Virtual Network, ExpressRoute, Traffic Manager, Load Balancer)

Find out more about GÉANT Cloud Services at: .