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Our experienced consultants are experts in Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Unix and Linux-based mail systems. We have performed platform migrations and upgrades for clients in a variety of sectors (i.e. banking, governmental, etc.).

We can help you address all your e-mail needs:

  • Security – Protect messaging environments from unauthorized use or access through mail relay, e-mail virus protection, anti-spam and e-mail attachment management.
  • Compliance – Provides back up and archiving of mailbox content for preservation of e-mails.
  • Flexibility – The building block architecture offers a modular build to optimize the use of resources and provide for seamless growth from small to very large user communities.
  • Cost efficiency – Modular design ensures companies are only paying for what they need.
  • High-availability – Achieve availability levels from 99.95 to 99.99 percent continuous clustering and replication.


CACTTUS Managed Messaging Services allows you to manage your e-mail infrastructure more effectively. It offers a low-cost alternative to building, staffing and administering your own messaging environment.

CACTTUS Managed Messaging Services is a best-in-class solution based on Microsoft’s Exchange 2013 and Exchange 2010. Both users and administrators benefit from new functionality, including anywhere/anytime access, enhanced security, high availability and data redundancy. Best of all, CACTTUS can implement, upgrade and manage your messaging infrastructure – at your location – replacing fixed costs with a flexible pricing structure.

CACTTUS Managed Messaging services feature:

  • E-mail and Calendaring Service Management
  • Outlook Anywhere Access and Outlook Web Access
  • Mobile Messaging
  • Public Folders
  • E-mail Protection Services
  • E-mail Archiving
  • Increased Availability and Data Redundancy