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The film festival DokuFest is the biggest film festival in Kosovo. Every Year this festival overflows with visitors the cinemas and improvised stages for movie screening in the center of Prizren. During this festival over 200 selected film from all over the world will screen. While throughout the 9 days of the duration of the festival, it is accompanied by photography exhibitions, debates, lectures, and joyful musical events.

DokuFest is one of the most impressive events in Kosovo and Cacttus Sh.a. and Cacttus Education has always been a technological partner of this festival. For this year we have prepared a limited number of giveaways which we will distribute during DokuFest. The bag (Tote bag) designed especially for DokuFest can be found at some of the films that will be screened, which will be announced in the following days, but initially they will be offered to Doku.Tech at DokuFest visitors, which will be held on the 5th of August 2017.

Since the number is limited, we welcome the persons that will have the luck to win a bag.