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Cacttus continues to offer the most modern and sophisticated communications services in the world, all featured in a single platform called Office 365. This platform is a suite of applications that enables all businesses, enterprises, organizations and all small and medium sized offices, to transform their work and to use the most quality products at very affordable cost. Among the many business categories in which Office 365 can be implemented, KIVO LLC, a Flexible Packaging Products Manufacturing Factory in Kaçanik, is the next company which has selected Cacttus as the implementing party of these services.

As part of this project, in addition to the implementation of Office 365, the entire IT infrastructure has also been upgraded. Cacttus sh.a., namely the Department of Basic Infrastructure and Maintenance has also conducted the thorough inspection of the current communication infrastructure and email services. Prior to the implementation of Office 365, Cacttus suggested to check the current state of the IT systems and as a consequence complete renovation of the IT infrastructure has been implemented, which included:

  • Upgrade all computers in Windows 10 and migration of the data
  • Cleaning all computers from viruses and other dangerous files
  • Upgrade the software to the latest versions including MS Office 2016 (Word, Excel, PowePoint, Publisher, OneNote, Outlook)
  • Complete network checking at the factory
  • Server Maintenance and Management at the factory

Furthermore, the complete implementation of e-mail and communication system migration on the modern Microsoft platform has been completed. KIVO LLC, based on their needs and our suggestions, has selected the Office 365 Business Essentials package, the cheapest solution in the market for the services provided, which includes:

  • Exchange Online – e-mail service in Outlook with 100GB email space
  • OneDrive for Business – up to 5TB of storage space for Cloud documents
  • Skype for Business – enables hosting conference calls and Webinars with up to 10,000 participants
  • Online applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook
  • Microsoft Teams, Planner, SharePoint, Forms and many other applications

The Office 365 Business Essentials package enables the use of Microsoft services for all businesses and also the small to medium-sized organizations with up to 300 users. With this platform it is possible to switch the email system and save data to the Cloud. This project was also implemented by the Department of Core Infrastructure and Maintenance, led by Besjan Kurtishi, IT Specialist at Cacttus sh.a.. Besjani says that through this project, the following have been completed:

  • Consultancy on getting the most effective use of all services provided;
  • Initial management and administration of the platform;
  • Opening of the Office 365 platform for use by KIVO LLC in Kosovo;
  • Complete implementation of email and communication system migration on the most modern Microsoft platform called Office 365;
  • Upgrade of old Microsoft Office suite applications to MS Office 2016;
  • Continuous training and assistance of users;

Outside of this project, the Department of Core Infrastructure and Maintenance at Cacttus also maintains the complete IT infrastructure at KIVO LLC, including servers, all IT equipment and the internal network. Also, this department carries out the technical maintenance of the Office 365 platform, managing its users and assisting them on a daily basis.

Regarding the experience of implementation of this project, the renovation of the infrastructure and ongoing maintenance of Office 365 and IT equipment, for about 6 months after the completion of the works, from Office 365 users and IT infrastructure at KIVO we received feedback that they have not had any problems. It has also been emphasized that this has been a huge step forward in terms of online communication services, the offered quality and data security.

This project was implemented by the technical team: Aranit Duraku, Besjan Kurtishi, Valmir Krasniqi and Bjeshkë Rrahmani.

To learn how your organization or business can also benefit from the implementation of this platform, contact us at: email; phone 038 600 624.