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“Digitalizing Citizens Payment Service” is a collaborative project aimed at improving the payment services carried out at the administrations of the municipalities of Prishtina and Prizren in Kosovo.

Realized under the programme DIGITAL CITIES, which was funded by the UK Government and implemented by the British Council in partnership with Culture Code, this project has been delivered by CACTTUS in cooperation with SHOOTHIL from the UK. The goal of this project has been the enhancement of the payment processes in said municipalities, and specifically doing so by optimizing the ineffective and error-prone payment processes in place which are time consuming and cumbersome, and most importantly addressing the lack in transparency, which in turn leaves room for corrupt practices.

This has been achieved through the introduction of an application extension to the current system in place, that makes possible the consolidation of said payments from two different sources (Central Bank of Kosovo system, and the system of the respective municipality), that ultimately leads to system alerts and warnings if payments do not match. CACTTUS have managed to streamline the payment processes, enabled accurate reporting of processed payments, achieved reconciliation of payments on daily basis, and more importantly improved on transparency.