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In the environments of hotel ‘Sirius’ in Prishtina, the platform for European Integration monitoring and reporting has been launched. Among the attendants was the minister of European Integration-Dhurata Hoxha, the head of GIZ project “The support of the process for European integration in Kosovo”- Mareike Meyn, the German Ambassador Christian Heldt, and other local and international esteemed personalities.

The Monitoring and Reporting Platform, (M&R) is a system of reporting information on the implementation of Kosovo’s obligation in the European Union integration. It plans to link the monitoring and reporting with the monitoring database of the Prime minister’s Office by contributing in this manner to the access of planned integration and reporting throughout the entire government.

The M&R platform enables the Ministry of European Integration and other institutions of this line, to complete the reporting online and it aids to revise and do the required corrections. It is easy to use, and offers statistics and reports as required by the public institutions that are related to the integration in the European Union.

Cacttus has completed the analysis, design and implementation for the platform.