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The console of the Tender and Procurement Management System allows a wide range of functionalities which guarantee a control of the annual budget, budget lines, tender and contract processing (while including payments) while using the workflow machine which is fully customizable while ensuring the best work in a collaborative and controlled environment.

All the steps in the tendering process are equipped with specific functions, which are designed to manage every step of the process, from budgeting to creating a contract strategy, display and granting potential employment contracts including also the steps after the signing of the employment contract, as a control of the time for the invoice payment.

Some of the characteristics and benefits of usage are:

  • Defining levels of the tendering process
  • Managing tendering process levels
  • Managing documents of the tendering process
  • Quality evaluation and quality of the documents during the tendering process
  • Creating & assigning individual and team tasks for the tendering process
  • Connecting the tender with the contract
  • Advanced reporting for tenders
  • Notice to the participants of the tender for the nearing deadline
  • Efficient communication between the members working on tenders
  • Avoiding mistakes in setting the tender price
  • Automatic notifications for the events within the application