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As organizations become more dependent on networks or business transactions, data sharing, and everyday communications, their networks have to be increasingly accessible to customers, employees, suppliers, partners, contractors, and telecommuters. But as accessibility increases, so too does the security exposure of critical data that is stored on, or traversing, the network.

In response to this challenge, CACTTUS offers IT Infrastructure Security Assessment service that provides customers with basic factual information about the accessibility, integrity and confidentiality of information that is transmitted across the network and/or stored on networked devices.

After the systems are presumed secure, an organization should continuously assess threats and vulnerabilities using automated monitoring tools. CACTTUS IT Infrastructure Security Assessment, which is designed to primarily address network infrastructure and related aspects of security policy and procedure, focuses on the following areas.

  • Security Policy Review
  • Perimeter Security Configuration
  • Network Security
  • Internal Access Controls
  • Security Management
  • Establish the Baseline
  • Patch Management
  • Logs Management and Auditing
  • Data Encryption