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Today’s work can be done from office, home, customer’s office, while on the move, etc.

Mobility today means more than Wireless, and it’s features can be used from anywhere while at the same time the staff of the company can be more productive.

The demand of voice and data services is increasing each year.

Companies offering these types of services need to plan ahead and evolve their networks on time to answer the demands of the market.

Packet Network challenges:

  • 2G – packet networks are already facing now the challenges and telecom operators are moving fast to make the necessary changes and have a better Quality of Experience (QoE) and gradually move to 3G.
  • 3G – packet networks solutions are coming due to the demand for more bandwidth as a result of increased traffic coming from Applications and smart phones, tablets (3G versions), etc.
  • 4G/LTE – this network includes EPC (Evolved Packet Core) and now the SGSN and GGSN functions on 2G and 3G packet core, can be supported from LTE EPC. This is the type of packet core most of the telecom operators already started deploying.


CACTTUS may offer the Mobility solutions with the vendor below:

  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • Cisco Systems