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We live in a connected world and network technologies are present in every aspect of our daily lives.

Computers and telecommunication devices are connected together to enable data exchange. Network connections are established by using devices such as routers and switches and operate through different media, like copper cable, optical fiber or wireless media.

Routers and switches are essential elements of communication networks. They are present in every segment of networks, from network edge where they are used to provide access, in network core to route and redirect packets across the network and also providing differentiated services to several classes of user traffic.

CACTTUS offers design, implementation, consulting and maintenance of computer and telecommunication networks. Having always customer’s needs and requirements as guideline, our engineers offer customized networking solutions, in single or multivendor environment.

CACTTUS is partner of some of the leading vendors of routing and switching equipment:

  • Cisco – offers products scaling from small businesses to largest enterprises and corporations.  Cisco is focused on enterprise routing, switching and security portfolio. It offers a range of routing and switching products for every enterprise market segment.
  • Alcatel-Lucent – in routing and switching world known for its line of Service Routers, Ethernet Service Switches  and Service Aggregation Routers, just to name some of the products.
  • Juniper Networks – primarily known for its routers, switches and security appliances, which apart from offering firewall capabilities also serve as router or switch.