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Most businesses want to have a fast, good, secure, and reliable communication for their staff, customers, and partners, which may or may not be in the same building. While communication today is being done by different tools, easy communication is very important element of engaging different teams (locally and remotely) for the projects involved, meetings, etc. Each company wants to have all those different communication tools in a single place and use the best way to communicate with others. This is where Unified Communication solutions comes in.

The benefits of Unified Communications

  • Reduce operating costs for interactive Video and HD Voice services.
  • Make it easier to connect with colleagues, customers and partners.
  • Invite clients, teams, for workgroups or meetings, virtually all in one place from any location from any place.
  • Extend mobile devices of the company network to the user sites so workers can do their job from anywhere.
  • Access or share the screen so others can access from their PC, laptop or mobile devices from anywhere.


With the Unified Communication solutions, companies take advantage by increasing productivity on their day to day activities while at the same time lowering operating costs. Now the office and the tools you use to do your job, can be anywhere outside the company building and and you have the same rich-set of features anywhere you go as you would have in the office.

CACTTUS can offer the Unified Communications solutions with the vendors below:

  • Cisco Systems
  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • Digium
  • Avaya