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Software development department develops software applications of all sizes and fields, including Windows applications, Web applications, Mobile applications, Web Services and Console Applications.

CACTTUS develops applications of all types of categories and sizes. Our methodology begins with gathering first requirements from non-technical business representatives, institution or organization, through a detailed planning of the solution, up to the professional development and implementation of the correct solution.

Windows Applications

Windows applications are applications used by a small number of people or special circumstances rurally.

We develop custom made software solutions for institutions, businesses, organizations and individuals. Our team develops Windows applications which are essential and cost-effective to assist individuals to reach their full potential of their organizational activities as well as personal.

Apart from software developing, we also install and maintain it, and you can be assured that our professional developers’ team and technical support will assist you with every issue and question that you may have.

If you already know exactly what you need, we can prepare a detailed proposal based on your specifications. If you are uncertain for your project and have questions for us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Web Applications

Web applications are used by all rural users geographically spread, or for public web sites of all fields.

If you want your web site to be dynamic and interactive, you’ll need an effective and sound solution. We offer full services for development of specific web applications, dynamic and interactive. Our main focus is to assist our clients in the development of cost-effective solutions for their individual needs. In our field of work, we use innovative technology and ensure that a specific project that we do is effective, secure and fulfills client’s requests. If you need a specific Web application, you are welcome to contact us.

Software Development for Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are used by specific employees who perform work on-site and the synchronization of data in the base.

Console Development Applications

Specific for system administrators who need specific console tools for work. Even though console-applications are outdated in usual business and organizational scenarios, in case you need a specific tool, we are here to develop it based on your needs.

Web Service Development

Publishing a web service, or internal organizational needs.

Web-services are an excellent technology for solving challenges of distributed systems on the Internet. In the same time, the investments of business integration are also increasing.

Web-services have these main benefits:

  • Increase the potential of organization’s effectiveness while decreasing the cost and time for connection of applications
  • Increase the result of accessing information in real-time, offsite, offering a current information for a particular process.
  • Enable business performance in real time and direct processing.
  • Open to a variety of technologies while enabling the integration of completely different systems
  • Available for all organizational and individual sizes.