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CACTTUS offers services and consultancy in database administration, planning, file administration, security, automation, backup and restore, optimization, transferring and high availability, described briefly below:

  • Plans for implement a SQL Server installation, best configured for your organization specific needs. This is very important to analyze when you are in the beginning of any project, where we will help you to take care about your hardware and software requirements.
  • Database Upgrades, in the safe and optimal procedure. Usually when the upgrade should take place, you have to be aware if your database may be using features that don’t work in the version of SQL server you’re upgrading to.
  • Management of files and databases, including determining resource requirements. For instance your hardware resources, which can have big impact in database performance.
  • Choosing a login security method, configuring login security, planning and implementing database permissions, and protecting SQL Server in an enterprise network.
  • Performing and automating administrative tasks and create custom administrative tools. Automating administrative tasks help in usually daily routine tasks, which then give you more time in other administration tasks.
  • Back up of databases and implementation of backup strategies. In backup strategies we can help you to find the best possible way to do the backup of your databases, which will fulfill the requirements of your organization. The SQL Server backup and restore component give a basic protection for critical data stored in SQL Server databases. Backup of the database ensure you against catastrophic data loss.
  • Database Optimization, which mean repair, increase and improvement of database performance. Usually during database design, there are some issues which are not accomplished in proper way, which can have impact in database performance, so we can help you to repair and improve them.
  • Data Auditing can help you to audit database users for security issues. SQL Server Audit allows fine-grained auditing where you can audit specific database object.