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We offer programming and consultancy services for databases; specifically in design architecture. Transact-SQL, data integrity, indexing, visualisations, functions, procedures, queries, transactions, etc.

  • Design SQL Server enterprise application architecture.
  • Conceptual basis of programming in Transact-SQL create and manage databases and their related components.
  • Implement data integrity by using the IDENTITY column property, constraints, defaults, rules, and unique identifiers.
  • Create and maintain indexes. We can do, for example, index creation and then with the procedures to maintain them in good condition as it is reorganizing indexes and updating statistics.
  • Create, use, and maintain data views. The use of the view is important when you don’t want to give the direct permission to the specific table in the database.
  • Implement user-defined functions. This in case when you need to implement in your database new functions, we can help you to implement it in the best possible way.
  • Design, create, and use stored procedures.
  • Create and implement triggers. We can do the control of created triggers, which can cause problems in performance of the database. Because, wrong created triggers can have bad impact in database behavior. And in the same time to create proper triggers.
  • Program across multiple servers by using distributed queries, distributed transactions, and partitioned views.
  • Optimize query performance. Even if you own the powerful hardware, the database performance can be affected negatively by one bad query, which can have serious impact in your database performance.
  • Analyze queries. If you have problems with queries, we can do detail analyze, update them and this will improve the database performance.
  • Manage transactions and locks to ensure data concurrency and recoverability. We can resolve issues in multiuser databases, where in the same time many users which are using the database run simultaneous transactions to update the same data, in which case control of data concurrency and consistency is very important.