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We provide a full spectrum of backup solutions to support desktops, remote server locations and data-center servers, including your mission-critical systems.

We employ world-class best practices to bring consistency and clarity to your data protection and offer 24/7/365 support.

Backup and Restore services provide information-centric, flexible managed backup and protection services designed for the full spectrum of business needs. These services are structured to meet the requirements of accessibility, integrity and recoverability whether it is within the workplace, the datacenter or at the enterprise level.

The following service packages are available:

  • Replication Services targets data protection for the most critical business operations that support revenue growth, productivity and cost-of-goods sold. Ensuring recovery time within minutes, data replication technologies provided by intelligent storage are used to enhance data availability and integrity.
  • Data-center Backup provides both traditional tape and modern disk-based backups:
    • Tape Backup: Supports business processes that require basic protection on inexpensive media stored on-site and at a discrete secondary location. Recovery time options range from hours to days, restoring data from the most recent backup.
    • Disk-Based Backup: Suited for server file systems and databases supporting business applications. Our disk-based protection options employ RAID protected pools of high-capacity disks and are seamlessly integrated into data protection processes to avoid delays and failures.