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Are you ready to WOW?

Do you want to learn more about online work?

WoW3 project aims to raise awareness of the young women on the role of online working as employment opportunity and opportunity for them to engage in distance working.

WOW3 will be implemented under the supervision of the Ministry of Economic Development and it is financed through Community Development Fund (CDF) which is implementing the project “Advancing Kosovo Together – Local Solution (AKT-LS) and EMPOWER “Private Sector in Kosovo”, USAID.

The project will carry out a program on green jobs under the Innovative and Green Growth for Pristina Municipality and Gjilan Municipality: Investing and Scoping technical assistance to mobilize and provide skills for 50 women residing in Pristina & 60 women residing in Gjilan municipality, to work online using Internet job marketplaces.

Through WOW3, we will offer courses free of charge on:
– Soft skills
– Front-end development
– Graphic Design

We will teach you how to generate incomes through online work, while testing how the global digital economy could assist in creating inclusive and better employment opportunities for un/underemployed women. The main aim of the initiative is to strengthen women’s economic role, decrease employment – with focus on the opportunity of women to work online in distance and raise awareness of the young women on the role of online working.

Previous phases of WOW (WOW 1 – Lipjan and Gjakove; WOW2 – Prishtina and the region) have shown great results in terms of online work for women. The outcome shows that out of 150 trained women, 77 have found at least 1 online job and in total, over 250 contracts of different online work profiles have been signed.

Who can apply?

You can apply if :
– You are a female, aged 18-40
– You live in Gjilan or Prishtina region
– You are eager to know more about soft skills, graphic design and front-end development
– You are on your last year of studies, recent graduate, unemployed or underemployed
– You have basic to intermediate knowledge of computer skills
– You have intermediate level of English language proficiency (written, spoken and understanding)

Last but not least, you need to be motivated and show commitment throughout the courses. Class courses are going to be held 5 days a week and will last 4-8 hours per day depending on the type of the course and the conditions of venue.

Apply now:
Go to WOW3 and join the free courses!
After the evaluation of the online questionnaire, all eligible applicants will be notified through email/phone stated on the online form.